1. Open Source

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Coding is one of my most passionate things I do in my free time. Some of what I code even go open source, such as some npm packages.

On this page you'll find everything from me that's related to open source and coding.


npm is a registry for JavaScript packages. These are my most interesting packages:

A type-safe event emitter class written in TypeScript. Can also be used in plain JavaScript.
A pseudo-random ID generator similar to those IDs on YouTube. Any generated ID can be mapped back to a unique number.
Make use of TypeScript decorators on regular classes in order to automatically build a GraphQL schema.


On my GitHub page you'll find my npm packages' sources among some other open source projects. The most interesting repositories are:

A JavaScript module player based on Web Audio API. Currently only partially supports .mod files.
A single Lua file for imitating "classes", as known from other object-oriented languages.


On dev.to I write articles related to programming and web development. They are often related to C/C++ or bash.

If you're interested in how I started coding, there's a detailed article about that on dev.to.